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- We couldn’t find the job doctor.  But we have played a trial version of Ambition, so it could be that it was added later.

 - In the time machine you can’t really time travel. It is similar to the Mausoleum. Your Sims will experience a lot, but you only read stories about that in the information windows. You do get some money for your discovery and a mood which lasts a few hours.

 - If your Sim has "invented" a certain object, you can choose it again with 'Make' and 'Make a lot’.

 - The characteristic ‘environment-minded’ gives your Sim negative moods when they travel by taxi or use a washing machine.

 - In game options you have the option to keep EA games informed of your game.

 - You can increase the fire engine to a higher horsepower.

 - For roofs, you can choose the angle of inclination

 - At the scrapheap, your Sims can find  scrap for their inventions, but you can also just buy some when you click on the workbench.

 - You can get a Simbot when you buy a lifetime reward of 40.000 points

 - The lifetime rewards are enterprising entrepreneur (reach the top faster), higher wages, efficient inventor, cut sales, craft artist, fireproof home (no more fire) and so Simbot best friend to get a Simbot

 - How long Simbots live is not clear, at their age bar you could only read 'they live longer’.

- When you let Simbots swim, the same things happens as Open For Business. They don't work any more. But you can fix them and then they are working again.

 - We could not find how our Sim could become a tattoo artist, so we kept it to stylist.

 - You can create the scrapheap, fire station and the other new things.  They are in the list of community lots when you change the type of lot.

 - You become Private Detective at the police station.  You start as a listener and earn $ 275 a day.  The responsibilities are: to be on the lookout, the cases, and logic skills. At the computer you have new options: hacking the information database and searching for private detective work.  At the police station you can also find cases or perform general police services.  In the second option your Sims are working a few Simhours like you’re used to at the orginial jobs. You can choose to talk to colleagues, just work or do the paperwork. This will also increase the work experience bar.

 - If you have to search in the mail and trash as a private detective to find some information you see a magnifying glass in the garbage can and mailbox.

 - You get the interior decorator job at the town hall.  The responsibilities here are renovating, painting, assessment.  At the drawing table, you can also create drawings which provide better experience.

 - For firefighters the responsibilities you have: emergencies, skills, and colleagues.

 - After putting out a fire, you see the result in an information screen, such as how long the fighting lasted and what rate you get (always a round number, a maximum of 10).

 - You become a stylist at the salon.  The responsibilities are styling, proceeds and portfolio.  In drawing mode, you can explore concepts which also increase the working experience.

 - The makeover will be in a different kind of CAS, in a kind of salon.  You can change the hair, eyebrows, makeup, facial hair and clothing / jewelry.

 - Tattoos can be removed, but this does not work if your Sim wear a work outfits.

 - You can get awards for your work.

 - If you have an assignment from a local resident, the game shows a big star around the picture of the Sim.

 - Your work outfits are shown at your everyday outfits.

 - At the cemetery you can appease the ghost, so he will not leave his grave.

 - Invention is the new skill.  In the log book you find a summary of the toys you made, how many explosions you have caused, time travelling and so on.

 - When you invent, you also improve your handy skill.

 - The inventions are for the most simply sculptures and not really usable.  The only working stuff is the floor hygiene (smells in bathroom), eye star (all fruit plants in 1 click in inventory), digger (drilling the ground for stones) and the time machine. 

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