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Please note: names of objects and characteristics can be different in the English game. We only played the Dutch version at the preview and are not familiar with the English one. We’ve tried to translate it as accurate as possible.

Create your Sims
There are new, cool hairdos available for both men and women. Besides the ordinary hairdos, you can also pick special hairdos with hats that match with the outfits of the new jobs. Unfortunately, there is not much new clothing; only outfits that have become available for the new jobs.

There is a brand new element for creating your Sims, namely creating tattoos! It’s incredibly elaborated. You can choose all kinds of  illustrations, like the well-known Woo-hoo smiley, a skull, or a huge flame. You can choose to your heart’s content whether you would like to give your Sim an innocent rose on his upper arm or a huge skull on their back. Besides these places you can, among other places, choose for shoulders, the lower arm, the breast, and wrists. The illustration and extent are not the only things you can decide; you can also choose whether you want the illustration to be intense or a bit more transparant. In other words, you can decide for yourself how you want to decorate your Sim! These option also has another benefit: if you’re fed up with the tatoos, you can have them removed in a tattoo shop.

Traits and wishes
Six new traits have become available: lovely sculptor, dramatic, exentric (succeeding in inventing), a born salesman (getting a good reputation at the circular course store), environmentally friendly (living a very green life) and perceptive (useful for detectives). A few new life wishes are “offspring of Da Vinci”, which means that you have to achieve all the points of the the inventing and painting skills, to “succeed in 35 cases” as a private detective, and “paranormal leach” for the ghost catcher.

Welcome to Twinbrook!
There is a new city, namely Twinbrook. It is quite a large and beautiful city. There old, well-known buildings like the hospital and city hall have had a makeover and there are new public garden, places to fish, a museum, a pool, a cemetery etc. Besides that, new buildings have been added: there is a launderette where you can clean your dirty clothes and then dry it in a dryer or on the clothesline. When you put your clothes in these devices, you have to wait for a little while. At the circular course store you can find cheap stuff, like ducks, paintings, books, and music boxes. The fire department is accessible for everyone and contains sliding poles, alarms, and a Tatuu fire-engine. At night your Sims can hang out in the brand new bar, called “Rendez-vous”. Finally, there are two scrap-heaps where you Sims can look for scrap metal, which you can use for the inventing.

There are many new objects to practise new activities, like trampolines, sliding poles, a portable gnu set, which is game where Sims have to throw sticks, the drawing table, inkcomfort to give other Sims tattoos, sculptures, and a styling station. Besides that, there are new, cute sinks, tables, chairs, sofas, and beds. For the Sims to use at home there are also the dryers, clothinglines, washing machine, and digital photo frames. There are not any new cars or bikes, but there is a new vehicle, the motor cycle!

Game features
You can find some new options in the game. There is a new button in the “edit city” menu, the “World editor” with which you can change your neighbourhood with extra parcels of lang, trees, and more! The information window in the upper right corner of the screen do not appear under each other any more. So no more incredibly long lists, but one information window and by using the arrows you can swop between the information. With the help of a special arrow you can minimize and maximize. When you zoom out to see the whole city, you are still able to see the mood, skills etc. of your Sims. Then there is also a special button with which you van decide which parcels you would like to see. The window for opportunities has been changed again and is now shown in the same way as the assignment for jobs. There are also a few new cheats, but they were not entirely clear to us. There is, however, one fun cheat, named “discotags” which causes that the buttons above the parcels are flashing.

The new jobs are: private detective, interior designer, firefighter, ghost hunder, and (tattoo)stylist. Contrary to the ordinary jobs do you help your Sims while they are doing these jobs. Every job has three “responsibilities”. Among other things services to other Sims, but also, for example, skills and relationships with colleagues. When you work on these responsibilities, your Sims receives more work experience. The services differ per job. Private detective, interior designer and ghost hunter all get assignments from Sim’s neighbours which can be compared with opportunities. There is a new button in the work menu (the suitcase) where it is shown what assignment have been assigned to your Sim. When you accomplish an assignment you get more work experience and some extra money. When your Sim is a firefighter, you have to wait until the alarm is going off and then help extinguishing the fire. When your Sim is a stylist you can offer other Sims a makeover, but also get assignments, like giving a Sim facial hair. Click on the button “experiences” to get more information about these jobs. 

Features | Experiences of our Sim | Details  | Opinion
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